References and Testimonials

"A magnificent mentor, coach who is highly motivated and knowledgeable.  I looked forward to our meetings and all the amazing resources she shared."

- Literature for Children Student

The James Franklin Group, LLC is a professional development services firm founded by Michelle D. Thomas and her husband, James D. Thomas in May, 2014. 

The James Franklin Group, LLC is named in honor of Jim's father - James Franklin Thomas - who passed away in 2005.

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"Dr. Thomas encouraged me and provided me with valuable advice throughout our time together."

- Literature for Children Student

"Contagiously energetic, genuine and impactful are the first three words that come to mind when I think of Dr. Michelle Thomas. I challenge any person who crosses her path to leave without being changed for the better in some way! Her genuine commitment and relentless drive to delve deep into finding and implementing ways to make sure that everyone is being given every opportunity and resource to succeed is simply impressive. Michelle leads with her heart and she combines her deep empathy skills with an amazing ability to know how to connect people and build bridges between people to allow for the most positive, amplified impact. It has been an honor to get to work with her, and I look forward to collaborating with her again soon."

- Sabine Canty, Community & School Equity Coordinator, Hilliard City Schools

"Dr. Michelle D. Thomas is smart; she challenged me to think at a different level."

- John Marschhausen, former Hilliard City Schools Superintendent

Dr. Michelle D. Thomas, President of the James Franklin Group (JFG), LLC., provides professional services focused on empowering women with the confidence and determination to claim their seat at the table.  Dr. Thomas has a passion for inspiring women to be their best selves – confident, powerful, focused and driven.  She brings a wealth of experience in business, education, and leadership and is a strong and inspirational mentor who listens closely and commits fully to understanding her clients’ goals and curating their developmental journey. Dr. Thomas has a talent for building and supporting lifelong learning and leverages real-life experience in her engagements.

"I appreciate Michelle’s big picture approach to mentoring and coaching. With her thought-provoking questions, readings and conversations, Michelle has helped me define and develop my leadership goals, as well as a business plan, which I am excited to implement.” 

- Danielle Szabo, Client

"Dr. Thomas genuinely cares and it shows in her thoughtful and realistic solutions.  Her expertise helps me navigate through challenges, and I leave every session feeling uplifted, empowered, and inspired.” 

- Deirdre Baker, Doctoral Student, Franklin University

"The culture Dr. Thomas establishes is one of warmth, love, laughter, excellence, and passion. Contagious!"

- GLWI Teacher Participant

Michelle D. Thomas, PhD