To partner with professional women and empower them to  become strong, successful, and respected leaders.  

How Do I get started?


our Professional Partnership May Look Like This...

why hire a coach?

The James Franklin Group, LLC is a professional development services firm founded by Michelle D. Thomas and her husband, James D. Thomas in May, 2014. 

The James Franklin Group, LLC is named in honor of Jim's father - James Franklin Thomas - who passed away in 2005.

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  • Meet with Dr. Thomas in person or virtually to discuss assignments and for off-week "check-ins."
  • Read and respond to a collection of resources to learn the characteristics of admired leaders and to develop a meaningful 

         understanding of successful leadership.

  • Take the Strengths Finder assessment to learn your top five strengths.
  • Participate in discussions, debates, role play, problem solving, writings, case studies, etc. as you explore leadership.
  • Develop a “leadership notebook” to house your experiences.
  • Learn and practice effective communication and presentation skills.
  • Learn and practice team building skills.
  • Learn your “trigger points” – personal reactions to life’s challenges.
  • Hear from and interview successful leaders.
  • Identify a problem/passion/way to improve, develop plans of action, execute the plans, and present action plans to a broader audience.
  • ​Other activities as appropriate.

If you are struggling with -

  • Deciding how to prepare yourself for "what's next"
  • Organizing a plan or organization overall
  • Communicating with your colleagues, superiors or business leaders
  • Focusing on the work to be done
  • Developing a business or problem-solving strategy and a plan of action

I can help and will make your success my top priority.

Change doesn’t just happen. It requires courage to not only identify a need, but to take action. If you want to work with someone who will commit to understanding YOU, focus on YOU, gain insight into what YOU are experiencing, and work with YOU to change your circumstances, then let’s have a conversation.

Through our partnership, we will: 

  • Develop strategies for what is next for you, work on communication skills and approaches, redirect your focus, and create a plan of action.
  • Engage in individual development sessions focused on providing support, guidance, and constructive feedback.
  • Work together to turn around your current circumstances so you can be successful NOW and experience a more rewarding career and more opportunities during your professional journey.

If setting a goal for a brighter future is on the horizon, let’s have an initial call about the possibility of working together.  My passion is developing others and I would love the opportunity to talk through your goals and customize a plan of action to help you realize your potential.  Contact me today to start your personal and professional leadership journey.      

​Fees based on scope of work.